Bioregulatory Medicine Diploma Course



For the second time in Canada we are offering:

Postgraduate Bioregulatory Specialist Programme

for Health Professionals

Toronto, Ontario


 The program integrates Allopathic, Naturopathic, Psychosomatic, Homeopathic, and Traditional Chinese Medicine within a concept of Brioregulation, respecting both DISEASE-centered and HEALTH-centered points of view. It also enables participants to prescribe homeopathic nano-pharmaceuticals, a valuable addition to any practitioner, as an alternative or complement to pharmaceutical drugs.

The diploma consists of four course modules, each five days long, teaching the theory and practice of Bioregulatory Medicine. Participants are provided with comprehensive study manuals, while lectures are interspersed with visual aids and clinical practice hours.

The course is presented by the International Society for the Bioregulatory Medicine. 2015 marks its 16th year of operation. Graduates of the program will receive a Specialist Diploma in Bioregulatory Medicine and become eligible for a professional membership with International Society of Bioregulatory Medicine .

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MODULE 1   26-30 October 2015

  • Fundamentals of Bioregulatory Medicine
  • Biological System Theroy and Homeostasis
  • Psychosomatization and Disease Stage Process
  • Bioregulatory Anamnesis
  • Presomatic Phase of Disease Process
  • Detoxifying Systems
  • Introduction to Hemoetherapeutics
  • Bioregulatory Detoxification procedures
  • Psychosomatic Bodywork
  • Biological meridians blockages and tendo-muscular correlations
  • Bioregulation of the Skin,, Hepatobiliary and Mucosal Systems

MODULE 2   22-26 February 2016

  • Bioregulatory Treatment of Inflammatory Phase
  • PNEI system feedback
  • Bioregulation of the Psychoneurologic, Immune and Endocrine Systems
  • Hormonal Panel Biochemistry
  • Bioregulation of Inflammatory Conditions
  • Immunomodulation of Allergic and Autoimmune Conditions
  • Therapeutic Rapport and Patient Management
  • Clinical Hypnosis and Neurolinguistics Programming
  • Acupuncture and Biological Meridians – Part one
  • Bioregulatory Deotoxifying Nutrition
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Homeotherapeutics in Inflammatory Conditions
  • Psychovegetative treatment – Part one

MODULE 3    16-20 May 2016

  • Bioregulatory Treatment of Degeneration Phase
  • Treatment Principles of Degenerative Conditions
  • Management of Chronic Digestive, Respiratory, and Urogenital Disorders
  • Gynecological and Cardiovascular Degenerative Disorders
  • Psychosomatic Treatment at Soft Tissue Level
  • Psychosomatic Bodywork – Part two
  • Visceral and Fascial Blockages
  • Homeotherapeutics in Degenerative Conditions
  • Bioregulatory Nutrition and Antioxidant Therapy
  • Acupressure and Dry Needling – Part one

MODULE 4    26-30 September 2016

  • Bioregulatory Treatment of Malignant Phase
  • Oncology Treatment and Prevention
  • Disorders of Musculo-skeletal and Connective Systems – Revision
  • Bioenergetics and Somato-emotional Release
  • Acupuncture and Dry Needling – part two
  • Bioregulatory Ophthalmology and Dentistry
  • Psychovegetative treatment – Part two
  • Homeotherpeutics in Malignancy

EXAM   30 September 2016


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